The Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for Young Audience named after Natalia Sats

The Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for Young Audience named after Natalia Sats

The Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for Young Audience named after Natalia Sats is the world's first and so far the only professional state music theatre, which carries out two great missions simultaneously – to be a full-scale Opera and Ballet theatre and to have large and serious repertoire for children, young people and family audience. Our theatre creates and presents classic, as well as contemporary opera and ballet performances, symphony concerts, education and other special programs for spectators of different ages. The training level of such an interesting audience is different and we try to represent music styles in all the diversity.

The theatre has its own symphony orchestra (over 100 musicians), opera (75 singers) and ballet (60 dancers) companies, as well as own professional chorus, working together under the General management of the theatre.

All the soloists and musicians have higher musical education – they graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire and other higher musical establishments of Russia. "Voices of great strength and rare beauty of the singers of the Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Natalia Sats combined with perky recreation of dancing images came out as a surprise for audience", – wrote the German newspaper "Nachrichten" about the theatre's performance when it was on tours in Germany.

The theatre was founded in 1965 by the world's first female opera director, worldwide famous Natalia Sats – women of legendary fate and incredible deeds, "the mother of children's Theatres throughout the world". During her long life she organized 6 theatres for children. Daughter of Iliya Sats, composer for Stanislavsky's Moscow Art Theatre, she raised in the circle of some of the most distinguished Russian artists. After Natalia Sats death theatre went through a difficult time. But theatre survived, kept its audience and stayed in the perfect creative shape.

A new chapter in theatre life began in 2010 when new artistic director, the State Prize of the Russian Federation Laureate and the Golden Mask Prize Laureate Georgiy Isaakyan started in this position. The main idea of the artistic renovation was to present to the audience the greatest opera and ballet music of different periods, to speak to the new generation of the audience on the language of contemporary art.

The theatre is carrying out an important and necessary mission – to bring true art to all kinds of the audience, to help them not just to listen to the music, but also to feel in it beauty and kindness captivating their imagination and enriching the growing and developing characters of a personality with staunchness, love for beauty, ability to listen attentively to the images of musical art, to acquaint people with the musical culture.

Repertoire of The Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for Young Audience at XXII Summer Ballet Seasons

August 23
August 22
August 21
August 24
P. I. Chaikovskiy
«Swan Lake»

"Swan Lake", the legendary classical ballet to music by Tchaikovsky, is in the repertoire of the Natalia Sats Theater for a reason.

After all, this theater has long been not only for children. He has developed a huge, full-fledged and varied evening repertoire: "Carmen" by G. Bizet, "The Love for Three Oranges" by S. Prokofiev, "Diaghilev" ballets - the choreographic masterpieces of the legendary "Russian Seasons" restored by the theater together with Andris Liepa.

Аll these evening performances are for adults. Performances about love, about passion, about loneliness, joy, happiness and despair, about the fullness of life, as it is shown in the top creations of the world opera and ballet repertoire.

In "Swan Lake" by the Natalia Sats Theater, the romantic legend about the prince in love with Odette and the evil wizard who turned her into a White Swan is embodied in a classic version close to the first productions of Marius Petipa.
A. Adam

A fantastic ballet based on a legend retold by Heinrich Heine.

On the eve of the opening of the Big Stage, the Natalia Sats Children's Musical Theater presents the first big ballet premiere of the season - Giselle by Adolphe Adam, a great classic of choreographic art, an immortal legend of love, an imperishable masterpiece of academic dance.

This performance will continue the theatre’s line of introducing young audiences to the pinnacle of classical ballet and will complement the academic choreographic repertoire, which already includes such performances as The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake.

"Giselle" will be a gift not only for young spectators who are just entering the world of big ballet, but also for sophisticated connoisseurs who are able to appreciate the purity and virtuosity of the performance of this most complex classical choreographic text, which will be presented in the Natalia Sats Children's Musical Theater in the version of Kirill Simonov.

P. I. Chaikovskiy
«Sleeping beauty»

"Sleeping Beauty" at the Theater. N. Sats became the crown of the choreographic repertoire, thanks to which the constellation of classical historical ballets was almost complete in the theater playbill.

The Sleeping Beauty, edited by the ballet's artistic director Kirill Simonov, one of Russia's most interesting and notable contemporary choreographers, is a careful and brilliant, infinitely respectful and impeccably executed adaptation of the full historical version of the ballet for a family audience.

The Sleeping Beauty edited by Kirill Simonov allows you to touch the legend of Russian ballet, admire the beauty, harmony and grandeur of the classical style, and at the same time feel all the magic and charm of Charles Perrault's wonderful fairy tale.
Scheherezade, Les Sylphides, Polovtsian Dances

Theatre. N. Sats presents the masterpieces of the world-famous choreographer Mikhail Fokin: the ballets Scheherazade, Chopiniana and Polovtsian Dances, first shown to the world a hundred years ago at Sergei Diaghilev's Russian Seasons in Paris, and restored in the 21st century by choreographer Andris Liepa.

The artists who recreated the costumes and scenery for this project were Anna and Anatoly Nezhny: “This is a landmark work for us,” says Anna Nezhnaya. - But it would be wrong to say that this is only a restoration - despite the abundance of sketches,

materials on scenery and costumes for Mikhail Fokine's ballets are far from being completely preserved.

For us, this is more of an acting job and a reconstruction not of old performances, but of the ideas of legendary artists who, like all innovators, were ahead of their time.”

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