State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet under the direction of N. Kasatkina and V. Vasilev

"All genres except boring!" - this is the slogan of the "State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev", known throughout the world as the Moscow Classical Ballet.

A feature of the production of each work in the theater is the desire to make any story understandable and interesting to people of all ages, nationalities and confessions, to modern people.

The troupe's repertoire includes all ballets by P.I. Tchaikovsky; "Cinderella" and "Romeo and Juliet" by S. Prokofiev; "Don Quixote" by L. Minkus; "Giselle" A. Adam; "The Rite of Spring", "Kiss of the Fairy" and "The Firebird" by I. Stravinsky; "Wonderful Mandarin" B. Bartok; "Spartacus" by A. Khachaturian; "The Creation of the World" and "Pushkin" by A. Petrov and others - about 30 ballets in total: classical and modern, of various styles and trends. Among the theater's promising projects are Olga Petrova's ballet "Lysistratus" based on the comedy of the same name by Aristophanes, "Le Corsaire" by A. Adam and "The Legend of Swan Lake and the Ugly Duckling" to music by E. Grieg. Premiered in 2008 - the ballet "Mowgli" to the music of Alex Pryer, a 14-year-old composer from London, is designed for family viewing.

The State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet under the direction of N.Kasatkina and V.Vasilev - the troupe of the theater was formed in 1966 with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, and the illustrious Igor Moiseev headed it. In 1977, Igor Moiseev handed over the artistic direction to Vladimir Vasilev, a student of Asaf Messerer, and Natalia Kasatkina, a student of Marina Semenova, became the chief choreographer. The arrival of new leaders fundamentally changed the creative direction of the troupe, which turned from a concert group into a ballet theater.

The ballet of Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vassilev gained international fame under the name Moscow Classical Ballet. The performances staged by its founders are staged in the best theaters in the world: the audience chooses the theater for its original choreography, perfect technique and high class of performance, and most importantly, for the exciting stories told in the language of dance. The plots are extremely understandable even to viewers far from ballet art, and the performances are filled not only with breathtaking scenes with dramatic intensity, but also with sparkling humor. No wonder the troupe chose the phrase “All genres except boring!” as their slogan.

During its history, the theater has brought up more than 30 gold medalists of international competitions, 5 laureates and 2 winners of the Grand Prix of the Paris Academy of Dance.

With the originality of the repertoire of which any ballet troupe will envy, the audience got acquainted with more than 200 cities of Russia and neighboring countries, its tours took place in more than 30 countries of the world on 5 continents. All year round, 75 ballet dancers, 30 tons of scenery and 4,000 costumes made for repertory performances roam the planet.

Repertoire of the State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev during XXII Summer Ballet Seasons

July 6 and 17
Creation of the world
July 18
Don Quixote
July 19

Other participants of XXII Summer Ballet Seasons