• March 20, 12:00

    The famous story of Charles Perrault of the poor orphan, which torture stepmother and two daughters, and then she goes to the ball loses a shoe and finds his love. This story is recognized as the most beloved fairy tale of all time. After all, the classic fairy tales do not grow old, because they resonate with our lives now.

    "Cinderella" belongs to the largest creative success of the composer. And at the same time, among them a special place. The ballet was written by the hand S. Prokofiev − already a mature master.
  • March 20, 19:00

    Swan Lake
    Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" is one of the most famous and beloved ballets that has been performed all around the globe. Russian ballerinas who performed the role of the Queen of Swans Odessa became the legends of ballet world.

    Swan Lake's libretto was written by the dancer Vasily Seltzer and playwright Vladimir Begichev. It is based on the swan motives in fairytales from around the world. Its difference from usual ballet scenarios is that it has a tragic ending. It is possible that this theme was an idea of Tchaikovsky himself, who back in 1871 composed a one-act children's ballet "Lake of the swans".