a story about a guardian angel that we all have

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

A fabulous ballet in two acts. Music by B. Pavlovskiy. Choreography by V. Grushchenko. Libretto is based on famous fairy-tale by Brothers Grimm.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a ballet for kids which was created by remarkable Russian choreographer Genrikh Mayorov in 1975. The choreographer was very much impressed by Walt Disney movie about the Snow White and it inspired him for his own creation. Genrich Mayorov produced it more than 30 years ago in Russia and abroad. But the performance appeared to be still very popular.

The libretto is based on the German romantic legend in the retelling of the Brothers Grimm. In a Kingdom long ago, the princess Snow White who is awaiting for her true love to find her. But the rage of the queens suffering heart sent a huntsman to kill her but instead he enlists her to run and hide with 7 dwarves. The queen was enraged by this and turned herself into an old hag and making poison apples to have her vengeance. She failed her vengeance by the prince, also known as Prince Charming and he woke his true love with true loves kiss and carried her off into the castle in the sky.

Through his long history the ballet Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was staged in different theatres, various set designs and costumes created by artistic directors of all kinds. The story of Snow White followed by her evil stepmother found shelter with funny and charming dwarfs living in fairy forest, will be a wonderful gift for children and their parents.