She loves him even after her death
A romantic ballet in two acts. The traditional choreography that has been passed down to the present day derives primarily from the revivals staged by Marius Petipa.
The prolific opera and ballet composer Adolphe Adam composed the music. Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot created the choreography.

We will never know how the great ballet dancer Carlotta Grisi danced. But we will never forget her because two no less great men — choreographer Jules Perrot and poet Theophile Gautier — were in love with Carlotta and created "Giselle" for her based on the music of Adolphe Adan. Expressive albeit unpretentious melodies assured him the title of one of Paris' most fashionable composers.

The "Giselle" ballet, which was staged at Paris Opera in 1841, to this day is considered to be the pinnacle of romantic choreography. Ballet's scenario is based on the ancient legend written down by German poet Heinrich Heine. The legend talks about Willis — girls who dies before their marriage and took revenge on travelers by dancing them to death. This ballet outlived its time and the age of romanticism and became a legend, forever remaining a classical example of the unity of pantomime and dance.